Helping those who help us.

When my husband and I began the start of our anti-bulling/suicide movement, it was because our county had the highest suicide rate among teens in 2018. We started doing some research and quickly found that the growing rate of suicide at the moment are First Responders. One of the reasons is that they are in fear of losing their jobs and/or pensions.

A police officer that I know quite well in our community said "there is no one helping us". It absolutely broke my heart. That is when we started the movement, "Save the Line"'. We are passionate about going in and responding to our Officers to help them in their darkest hour as they respond to us in ours.

We are working closely with people in our community to let them know that there is help for them that does not always have to be about hospitalization and/or medication. Not only are we here for them but we are here for their families as well.

Come join us in this movement as we struggle in these most difficult times. Our responders need our help.

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