Vikki Ruiz is the founder of Crazy Christians LLC and the driving force behind the #BU anti-bullying movement, bringing her energy for this needed initiative to the state of Georgia.  She is passionate about making a difference in her own community of Barrow County. When speaking about #BU, Vikki says, “We are starting in Barrow County because we have the highest suicide rate among teens in 2018 and that needs to change.”

Vikki’s husband, Rico, supports her in spreading the word for #BU.

#BU is just the starting point of all Vikki wants to accomplish.  Her bigger goals over the next five years are to provide resources through:

  • Pit Stop Pavilions – a summer food program for underprivileged youth
  • Hannah’s Haven – a home for unwed mothers giving up their baby for adoption
  • Life Skills Training Program – training offered to residents at Hannah’s Haven
  • Crazy Christians Ministries – a not-for-profit organization focusing on bringing resources as needed to all communities starting with Barrow County



Rico Ruiz uses his Puerto Rican heritage to easily connect across multiple cultures.  His 23-years’ experience as a bilingual pastor helps him serve both communities in Georgia as well as oversees and believes #BU is a great opportunity for many to see that they are not alone.  It is a way to find resources in dealing with past and present hurt.

Rico fully supports his wife, Vikki, and looks forward to what God has in store through this ministry.

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